Arizona Downs Free Picks

Here are our free Arizona Downs tips for today. For our full tipsheet with 4-6 picks per race, BEST BETS and exacta/trifecta recommendations please visit our DOWNLOAD TIP SHEETS page.

Arizona Downs Tipsheet Results

Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 17 (Race #9)Pick 4$881.80
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 17 (Race #9)Pick 3$355.80
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 17 (Race #9)Pick 5$273.60
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 12 (Race #8)Pick 5$436.40
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 12 (Race #8)Win$265.00
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 12 (Race #4)Pick 4$271.80
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 12 (Race #4)Pick 3$101.60
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 10 (Race #7)Super$184.00
Arizona Downs PicksSeptember 10 (Race #5)Pick 3$190.60

For Arizona Downs our BEST BETS have been in the money % of the time (on average).

Total Payouts
09/19/2022View Details$401.00
09/17/2022View Details$2,076.40
09/12/2022View Details$1,947.70
09/10/2022View Details$1,396.20
09/05/2022View Details$2,367.50
09/03/2022View Details$6,281.80
08/29/2022View Details$4,752.80
08/27/2022View Details$1,855.30
08/22/2022View Details$1,374.00
08/20/2022View Details$917.20
08/15/2022View Details$1,446.90
08/13/2022View Details$680.80
08/08/2022View Details$1,164.90
08/06/2022View Details$955.40
08/01/2022View Details$731.60
07/30/2022View Details$407.70
07/23/2022View Details$4,494.90
07/18/2022View Details$2,641.90
07/16/2022View Details$2,257.90
07/11/2022View Details$570.90
07/04/2022View Details$196.00
07/02/2022View Details$1,127.60
06/27/2022View Details$2,096.40
06/25/2022View Details$598.70
09/14/2021View Details$1,574.00
09/08/2021View Details$1,977.10
09/07/2021View Details$1,300.40
09/01/2021View Details$393.80
08/31/2021View Details$16,061.20
08/25/2021View Details$290.30
08/24/2021View Details$466.20
08/18/2021View Details$1,250.40
08/11/2021View Details$55.90
08/10/2021View Details$1,405.90
08/04/2021View Details$2,071.00
08/03/2021View Details$422.20
07/28/2021View Details$252.70
07/27/2021View Details$1,123.10
07/21/2021View Details$749.30
07/20/2021View Details$1,252.40
07/14/2021View Details$4,973.80
07/13/2021View Details$3,670.00
07/07/2021View Details$1,443.40
07/06/2021View Details$3,886.80
06/30/2021View Details$1,982.80
06/29/2021View Details$907.50
06/23/2021View Details$5,270.70
06/22/2021View Details$3,665.20
06/16/2021View Details$1,728.10
06/15/2021View Details$1,635.50
06/09/2021View Details$711.40
06/08/2021View Details$10,240.60
06/02/2021View Details$979.00
06/01/2021View Details$3,900.30

* Results are entered automatically via an XML feed provided by a third party. Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, but errors may occur. If you see a possible error in our result tabulation, please contact to have it manually reviewed and corrected if necessary.

** Best Bets percentage represents the average number of times our horse picked as a BEST BET finished in the top 3 (W/P/S) where the horse was not scratched.

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