Hawthorne Free Picks

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Hawthorne Race Course is a racetrack for horse racing in Stickney/Cicero, Illinois, near Chicago. The oldest continually run family-owned racetrack in North America, in 2009 the Horseplayers Association of North America introduced a rating system for 65 Thoroughbred racetracks in North America.

Hawthorne Tipsheet Results

Hawthorne PicksNovember 27 (Race #8)Pick 4$128.00
Hawthorne PicksNovember 27 (Race #5)Pick 4$130.40
Hawthorne PicksNovember 26 (Race #8)Pick 4$977.80
Hawthorne PicksNovember 26 (Race #7)Pick 3$207.60
Hawthorne PicksNovember 26 (Race #6)Pick 3$257.60
Hawthorne PicksNovember 25 (Race #8)Pick 4$1198.80
Hawthorne PicksNovember 25 (Race #7)Pick 3$258.80
Hawthorne PicksNovember 25 (Race #6)Pick 3$153.60
Hawthorne PicksNovember 25 (Race #5)Pick 3$203.40
Hawthorne PicksNovember 25 (Race #5)Pick 4$408.40

For Hawthorne our BEST BETS have been in the money 67% % of the time (on average).

Total Payouts
11/27/2022View Details$734.80
11/26/2022View Details$2,239.60
11/25/2022View Details$3,236.60
11/20/2022View Details$370.60
11/19/2022View Details$868.00
11/18/2022View Details$4,092.30
11/12/2022View Details$1,798.20
11/11/2022View Details$906.20
11/06/2022View Details$2,249.10
11/04/2022View Details$136.80
10/30/2022View Details$2,027.60
10/28/2022View Details$121.40
10/23/2022View Details$7,112.10
10/22/2022View Details$908.90
10/21/2022View Details$322.00
10/16/2022View Details$2,059.20
10/15/2022View Details$12,397.30
10/14/2022View Details$733.30
10/09/2022View Details$1,262.20
10/08/2022View Details$486.20
10/07/2022View Details$1,960.70
10/02/2022View Details$965.90
10/01/2022View Details$798.10
09/30/2022View Details$10,151.40
09/25/2022View Details$1,700.00
09/24/2022View Details$522.50
09/23/2022View Details$5,414.80
06/25/2022View Details$778.20
06/24/2022View Details$829.80
06/18/2022View Details$13,838.90
06/17/2022View Details$1,916.60
06/11/2022View Details$651.90
06/10/2022View Details$4,756.80
06/04/2022View Details$767.80
06/03/2022View Details$552.50
05/28/2022View Details$1,318.50
05/27/2022View Details$15,939.40
05/21/2022View Details$660.00
05/20/2022View Details$2,002.40
05/15/2022View Details$4,745.40
05/14/2022View Details$649.00
05/13/2022View Details$580.90
05/08/2022View Details$1,070.30
05/07/2022View Details$567.10
05/06/2022View Details$873.60
05/01/2022View Details$1,358.10
04/24/2022View Details$936.30
04/23/2022View Details$1,580.60
04/17/2022View Details$510.80
04/16/2022View Details$311.80
04/10/2022View Details$1,108.40
04/09/2022View Details$384.60
04/03/2022View Details$404.80
04/02/2022View Details$2,158.50
12/27/2021View Details$276.70
12/26/2021View Details$1,149.30
12/18/2021View Details$1,015.70
12/12/2021View Details$748.40
12/11/2021View Details$2,704.40
12/10/2021View Details$5,896.30
12/05/2021View Details$2,780.50
12/04/2021View Details$517.20
12/03/2021View Details$1,357.60
11/28/2021View Details$799.20
11/27/2021View Details$2,121.00
11/26/2021View Details$1,536.60
11/21/2021View Details$9,044.90
11/20/2021View Details$1,021.30
11/19/2021View Details$8,142.00
11/13/2021View Details$1,223.60
11/12/2021View Details$1,315.90
10/31/2021View Details$1,404.20
10/30/2021View Details$1,520.40
10/29/2021View Details$1,655.30
10/24/2021View Details$209.00
10/22/2021View Details$518.50
10/17/2021View Details$2,767.60
10/15/2021View Details$397.40
10/10/2021View Details$496.60
10/09/2021View Details$774.60
10/08/2021View Details$1,650.10
04/25/2021View Details$28,331.20
04/24/2021View Details$1,156.40
04/18/2021View Details$2,041.80
04/17/2021View Details$821.70
04/11/2021View Details$5,295.50
04/10/2021View Details$12,464.60
04/04/2021View Details$512.40
04/03/2021View Details$1,933.40
03/28/2021View Details$356.80
03/27/2021View Details$3,099.00
03/21/2021View Details$264.70
03/20/2021View Details$14,621.30
03/14/2021View Details$4,559.30
03/13/2021View Details$2,141.60
03/07/2021View Details$830.50
03/06/2021View Details$554.60
12/27/2020View Details$853.60
12/26/2020View Details$446.40
12/20/2020View Details$1,753.20
12/19/2020View Details$412.20
12/13/2020View Details$401.00
12/12/2020View Details$2,921.00
12/06/2020View Details$1,933.30
12/05/2020View Details$834.30
11/29/2020View Details$303.40
11/28/2020View Details$981.30
11/27/2020View Details$525.80
11/22/2020View Details$449.00
11/21/2020View Details$2,546.80
11/20/2020View Details$1,336.50
11/14/2020View Details$369.90
11/13/2020View Details$417.40
11/08/2020View Details$548.20
11/07/2020View Details$606.40
11/06/2020View Details$694.40
11/01/2020View Details$618.80
10/31/2020View Details$10,173.60
10/30/2020View Details$1,331.40
10/25/2020View Details$2,023.60
10/24/2020View Details$1,743.10
10/23/2020View Details$598.70
10/18/2020View Details$188.40
10/17/2020View Details$640.80
10/16/2020View Details$7,533.40
10/11/2020View Details$1,804.40
10/10/2020View Details$676.60
10/09/2020View Details$799.50
10/04/2020View Details$1,159.00
10/03/2020View Details$267.80
10/02/2020View Details$4,651.20

* Results are entered automatically via an XML feed provided by a third party. Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, but errors may occur. If you see a possible error in our result tabulation, please contact tips@guaranteedtipsheet.com to have it manually reviewed and corrected if necessary.

** Best Bets percentage represents the average number of times our horse picked as a BEST BET finished in the top 3 (W/P/S) where the horse was not scratched.

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