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How to Bet on the Winning Horse in a Horse Race

Nov 04, 2022
10 mins read

Horse racing is a complex and fascinating sport. Picking the winning horse is not a straightforward process and is dependent on several parameters. Some might say this is more of an art than a science. But the truth is that it is both. While your intuition could be a great guide, you cannot leave winning to chance. It is best to hone your picking skills by studying pointers on how to pick winners in horse racing. In this blog, we list some of these for you.

What to Look for When Picking a Winning Horse?

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most entertaining sports in the world. The rush of adrenaline as the race comes to an end, the thrill of watching the horses run, and the anticipation of having got your horse race picks right make this sport one of the most enjoyable ones.

If you are into it seriously and not just as a spectator, then the most important thing is to know the best way to pick a winning horse. This is not as simple as just seeing which horse has won the most races. The thing to remember about horse racing is that you are not betting against the house. In this game, bettors are wagering against each other. Hence, betting on the favorite horse leads to lower payouts. The real rewards come when you bet on a horse that is not the favorite and it wins.

The best way to pick a winning horse is to look at the race from multiple angles. Let's see how.

Speed of the horses

We start with the most basic and revealing parameter. Look at how fast the horses have run in previous races. This will be indicated as the Q-Speed Figure in the official program. A later addition to the official program that's an even better indicator is the Equibase Speed Figure. This gets you closer to the best way to pick a winning horse as it also takes into consideration the competition in the previous races. The Speed Index could be high for a mediocre horse if it has competed against average horses in previous races.

The team matters

When you get down to your horse race picks remember that it's not only about the horses. Look at the whole team of trainers and jockeys too. Who is on top? What is their standing? Beyond this, it's a great idea to look at the horse, rider, and trainer as a unit. Have they performed as a team before? How was their performance together in these races?

Observe the horses

The pre-race parade lets you get a good look at the horses. Observe which horses are alert and have shiny, healthy-looking coats, and well-arched necks. These are all signs of a well-rested, healthy horse. Whereas fidgeting or profuse sweating could mean that the horse is unwell or not rested properly. Studying the pedigree of the horses is also a good idea as it can give many clues, especially for beginner horses.

Study the race and the course

When collecting data from previous races keep an eye on the pace of the race and the course. Shorter race winners may tire out on longer tracks. So, decide if for that particular race you need to pick early starters or closers. Also, see if your horse race picks have done well on similar surfaces or all kinds of surfaces, as a change of surface can be a challenge for some horses, especially the young ones.

The game is to beat the odds

As we said earlier when you bet on a non-favorite horse and it goes on to win, that's when you get the most rewarding payouts. So, look for horses that consistently perform better than their odds and the associated parameters. Are the surface and competition similar to the one in which this horse beat the odds? Was this the same trainer, jockey, and horse team? The answers these questions reveal will paint a better picture for your horse race picks.

Once you follow these Horse racing tips: how to pick winners in horse racing and you have a list of contenders, you look at the odds and see if they are justifiable. You then compare them to the chances you have put against each horse and take your pick. Here is where along with science, intuition also helps, and this intuition will get honed over time.

Best way to pick a winning horse

It's the Home stretch!

The above tips on what to look for when picking a winning horse can help you wager armed with data and information. Rather than looking at data in a linearly, these tips help you look at the race from different angles and hence make a more informed decision. If all this seems overwhelming to you then the Guaranteed Tip Sheet website and mobile app are the perfect solution for you. Our tip sheets are drawn up by an experienced team that looks at all the data on the horses, tracks, riders, previous tracks, etc. They include up to 6 picks for each race. You will also get regular updates and tips on the mobile app. We offer different monthly packages, and you can choose according to your requirement.

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